YELLOW EXPRESS EST 1926™ are the ONLY consumer logistics company in the game.

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There's only one thing that we take more seriously than customer service - the happiness of our team!. We back our blokes and they blow our customers away with the best possible service FULL STOP. We have a network of awesome operators across Sydney, and we provide service that is second to none. How do we know? Check out our google reviews, from our customers and drivers.


We're a growing business, which means we're always looking for self motivated, driven and customer-centric people to join us as Delivery Service Operators (DSO's) across Sydney. But this isn't just a job, this is an opportunity to "work for yourself not by yourself"™ - with the full support of the Yellow Express team, a guaranteed minimum contract, and everything you need to set yourself up.

As a DSO, you’ll own and operate your own Pty Ltd business with a delivery vehicle. Yellow Express then engage you on a contract to perform pick up and delivery work for us and our customers. Because you are your own boss, you have full flexibility to choose what hours you work, the type of work you prefer and your days off!

Our DSO’s are self motivated, driven and customer-centric people who not only do their job to an incredibly high standard, but also have the opportunity to add to their earnings through referring accounts, services or new DSOs. Day to day you'll have plenty of variety - you could be delivering anything from an IKEA delivery, dropping off fruit orders, to doing a small studio move job.


A current drivers license, be fit and healthy, and be able to be approved for the finance needed to get into the right vehicle for the role and set yourself up for this unique opportunity. Experience wise if you're a reliable, high-energy person with a passion to impress our customers, we can train the rest!


• No transport experience? No worries. We’ll cover all the training you need

• Great minimum earnings for our new DSO’s

• Three year initial term contract

• We'll set you up with a brand new custom wrapped Volkswagen Crafter 2 pallet van with all the equipment to start earning from DAY 1.


Apply now and book a time for an interview and get on the road within 7 to 10 working days!